About Brilliant Customer Service Training

Brilliant Customer Service Training

Brilliant Customer Service’s one-day training workshop is a top-quality customer service training event suitable for almost any types and sizes of organisation.  This one-day interactive training course covers all aspects of customer service skills. It is ideal for all types and sizes of business, plus internal customer service and support desk staff. The course has a simple objective:

“…to raise customer service and support standards by instructing, equipping and inspiring participants to delight all customers at every opportunity.”

The home of customer service training in the UK

All our Brilliant Customer Service Training programmes are delivered by subject specialists who also have outstanding training skills, in one of more of the following areas:

  • Customer service management and training – either as a refresher for new ideas
  • IT help desk, technical support, management and training
  • Professional services – legal, accounting, PR and media
  • Public sector – house associations, local authorities
  • Finance, retail finance, insurance, PE, banking, etc. 
  • International business development
  • On-line business and e-marketing
  • Manufacturing, distribution and FMCG
  • Major accounts and B2B industrial service and support
  • Retail, trade services, hospitality and leisure
  • Sales and customer service in any business or market

Motivational one-day interactive customer service training course

Low fixed-cost per person for up to 12 attendees per course. Proven content, expert trainers. In-company and personalised at no extra charge. Customer Service Skills training in any UK or international location. You provide the venue, we do the rest!

  • Ten-year proven track-record of delivering great live training, coaching and consulting
  • We have trained thousands of staff in hundreds of different  organisations in all parts of the World
  • We have a growing network of expert trainers in all parts the UK and beyond

Six brilliant course main modules

  1. Service role-models – learning from the best and worst!
  2. Defining customer experience – The SPECIAL approach
  3. Customer satisfaction metrics and measures –how to gain customer feedback
  4. Can-do! Developing an awesome customer personality and attitude
  5. Best-practice communication skills
  6. Problems into opportunities– turning complaints and mistakes into customer loyalty

Brilliant Customer Service Brochure Q1 2016

Customer service training course

Brilliant training course is only one of our customer service courses. To see other courses: Internal Customer Service, IT Support Skills, Service with a Sale

Brilliant Customer Service Training – benefits

Over 10,000 people have attended  Brilliant Customer Service training in the last 20 years!

Key learning points include

  • Over 50 of the best tried and tested customer service tips and tricks to use starting NOW!
  • How to live the standards, systems and skills that can make every customer feel special
  • Use a range of best-practice customer service techniques, tools and skills to differentiate your service and delight every customer.
  • How best to change and vary your service approach based on customer need and type.
  • Shortcuts to identify different customer needs and situations quickly and effectively; fixing the  customer and problem equally.
  • Understand how to manage customer expectations and deliver more than you promise, consistently and deliberately.
  • Techniques to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day
  • Ten steps to develop your service skills to a new level of professionalism.
  • Satisfy complainers, calm upset customers and regain goodwill.
  • Be able to define and measure customer service using benchmarking, net promoter scores, KPI’s and customer feedback.
  • Knock-out telephone skills for both internal and external customer calls.
  • How to ‘hard-wire the soft stuff’ and create processes for a more differentiated and consistent customer experience.
  • Available as both an in-company and open (public) course.

Brilliant customer service training – who should attend?

All customer service staff of course, plus technical and support staff, managers and team leaders who support or work with either internal or external customers. The course is suitable for all sectors – large and small organisations, private and public sector.

Business benefits

Satisfied customers are more loyal, spend more money and more likely to recommend you. Delivering brilliant customer service is also more efficient and can save time, money and energy. Other benefits include improved staff morale and improved customer retention.

Benefits for attendees

More confidence in dealing with all types of customer situation, plus new skills and more success and positive customer experiences. A unique feature of the course is that it addresses both the service standards and skills people use.

Brilliant Customer Service – Example course outline

Rock and Role-Models

  • Personal objectives and introduction
  • Real-life good and bad service examples
  • Benefits of Brilliant Customer Service

The  SPECIAL approach – defining exactly what good customer service ‘looks like’

  • Customer service psychology
  • How to make every customer feel special
  • Qualities of customer service and support ‘superstars’
  • Building a customer-focused culture

Metrics and measures

  • Examples of gaining feedback from customers – open and closed loops
  • Using different kinds of benchmarking and metrics (competitive, non-competing, and existing versus future ideal)
  • Customer service key performance indicators with worked examples.
  • Defining your added value through service brilliance and the ‘ultimate question’

Calmer Chameleon – using the power of personality to deliver great service

  • How to best to vary  your approach to different types of customers.
  • Why some customers are more important and ‘difficult’ than others
  • Developing a Brilliant Customer Service ‘personality’

The ten most important do’s and dont’s when dealing with people,
Best practice skills and more

  • Using the telephone effectively to delight customers
  • In writing, email or on-line
  • Face to face and with colleagues
  • Phrases and techniques; tips and tricks
  • Managing expectations and working with your internal customers and colleagues
  • Working smarter to increase personal productivity

Problems into opportunities – how to turn around situations

  • How to use preparation and previous experience to avoid problems.
  • Using the GREAT FUN model to fix recurring problems and dissatisfaction.
  • Rea life examples of how best to react, resolve and regain trust when mistakes or problems occur.

Pulling it all together – transferring learning into actions

  • Action plan and learning diary
  • Summary of key learning points

The day includes:

  • High-quality training presentation
  • Group exercises and activities
  • Video modules
  • High degree of interaction

A SPECIAL course – not just Brilliant!

Customer service training
Customer service training

Some comments from customers and training participants

‘A chance to discuss with other colleagues across College about customer issues/experience. Trainer was very friendly and professional!!’ (Carmel College)

‘Balance of presentation/group exercises, etc, was very good and kept you alert and interested throughout the day.’ (De Lage Landen)

‘Constant support and encouragement; praise which instilled confidence; very professional and fun.’ (Ambius)

‘Covered a lot of areas but managed to remain interesting throughout.’ (Network Resource)

‘Easy-going atmosphere; useful information; thought-provoking.’ (Carmel College)

‘Enjoyable, interactive day with other colleagues. Not too serious but gave a lot of food for thought and ideas to put into practice.’ (Carmel College)

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