Brilliant Customer Service News Update

Brilliant Customer Service News Update

I just wanted to share this exciting news about the Brilliant Customer Service Training Franchise with you today.

Just a few weeks after joining, one of our early franchisees has now run their first Brilliant Customer Service training course. The client, a top name fintech company, was delighted and has booked a further four days of training on the spot! It was also his first ever training course!

And, with our fast-growing lead generation team, we also can now guarantee an average of 3-5 days training per month during your first few months of start-up. This means your investment is paid-back very quickly.

Thirdly, just a reminder that this is a really positive cash-flow, profitable business. Our support means that you do not need to carry any stock, do advertising or employ staff. After our training, you just need a mobile, a laptop and a way of travelling to clients meetings. (The customer covers all your expenses when you are training.)

Find out more – Saturday 9th July Cranfield Office, plus meetings in Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and London during July and August – please call or email to book a meeting near you.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Graham Roberts-Phelps

MD, Brilliant Customer Service Ltd
PS : PDF of this ‘Brilliant’ opportunity here.