Brilliant Customer Skills

Brilliant Customer Skills

On-site training with excellent results, skill-boosting and motivational customer service skills course

“The best way to compete in any business is exceptional customer service, consistency and value-based pricing.”

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This practical one-day customer service training course service has a simple objective:

“…to raise customer service and support standards by instructing, equipping and inspiring participants to delight all customers at every opportunity.”

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Brochure and outline: Brilliant customer

Customer service trainer opportunity
Customer service training

Customer service training objectives include

  1. Establish the customer service standards, personal skills and service ‘systems’ that can make every customer feel special – face to face, on-line, by email or on the telephone.
  2. Use a range of best practice customer service techniques, tools and skills to differentiate your service and delight every customer first time, every time.
  3. How to differentiate your service approach based on customer need, spend and personality.
  4. Identify different customer needs and situations quickly and effectively; fixing the customer and problem equally.
  5. Understand customer expectations and deliver more than you promise, consistently and deliberately.
  6. Maintain a positive attitude throughout the day and develop your service skills to a new level of professionalism.
  7. Satisfy complainers, calm upset customers and regain and goodwill by turning problems into opportunities.

The course includes regular discussion, planning and other practical exercises to develop and practice the skills and methods presented. Presentation and exercises can be tailored to specific situations from participants’ work. The style is up-beat, informative and motivational.

A unique feature of the course is that it addresses both the standards and the skills people use over and above their technical knowledge. The course features the SPECIAL model:

customer service training

  • Speed and Time
  • Personal and personalised
  • Expectations – manage and exceed
  • Competence and courtesy
  • Information
  • Attitude
  • Long-term relationship and follow-through

Each of these points is related explicitly to the jobs the course participants do and their interaction with customers on the telephone, face-to-face or via email.

Who will benefit?

All customer service, technical and support staff, managers and team leaders who support or work with either internal or external customers. The course is suitable for all sectors – large and small organisations, private and public sector.


The training is very practical and objective and uses real-life examples taken from your own experience.
The course includes:

  • High-quality training presentation
  • Group exercises and team activities
  • High degree of participation

Brilliant customer service training – outline

Brilliant Customer Service

Six brilliant course main modules

  1. Rock and Role Models
  2. The SPECIAL approach
  3. Metrics and measures
  4. Calmer chameleon
  5. Best practice communication
  6. Problems into opportunities

Rock and Role-Models

  • Personal objectives and introduction
  • Real-life good and bad service examples
  • Benefits of Brilliant Customer Service

The SPECIAL approach

  • Customer service psychology
  • How to make every customer feel special
  • Qualities of customer service and support ‘superstars’
  • Building a customer-focused culture

Metrics and measures

  • How to best to measure your customer’s service experience
  • Gaining feedback from customers
  • SPECIAL skills assessment model
  • Defining your added value through service brilliance

Calmer Chameleon

  • How to best to vary your approach to different types of customers.
  • Why some customers are more important and ‘difficult’ than others
  • Developing a Brilliant Customer Service ‘personality’

Best practice communication skills and more

The ten most important do’s and dont’s when communicating with customers:

  • Using the telephone
  • In writing, email or on-line
  • Face to face and with colleagues
  • Working smarter to increase personal productivity

Problems into opportunities

  • How to use preparation and previous experience to avoid problems.
  • Using the GREAT FUN model to fix recurring problems and dissatisfaction.
  • Real-life examples of how best to react, resolve and regain trust when mistakes or problems occur.

Pulling it all together

  • Action plans
  • Learning Diary
  • Summary of key learning points

The day includes

  • High-quality training presentation
  • Group exercises and activities
  • Video modules
  • High degree of interaction
customer service training courses
customer service training courses

Just a few comments from recent course participants….

  • ‘Encouraging training session that boosted my enthusiasm to achieve praise for my customer care.’
  • ‘It just opens your mind in a very short period of time to things that I certainly did not see before the course. Excellent.’
  • ‘Straightforward, easy to understand and easy to relate and apply to your job.’
  • ‘Constant support and encouragement; praise which instilled confidence; very professional and fun.’‘Graham held our attention. He kept it lively and fast-paced – no chance of the “nodding dog” syndrome! Content was relevant to our business, and not over-complicated. Interesting to listen to.’
  • ‘The course opens your eyes to things that you don’t realise are important, in fact things you don’t even notice. Examples are great and tailored to fit the industry I work in.’
  • ‘Very positive messages – booklet is very helpful to look over after the course.’
  • ‘Very informative, great day.’
  • ‘It was good fun and we realised that there is a lot we already know but do not do.
  • ‘Taught in a dynamic, relaxed, but informative way.’
  • ‘Excellent refresher for those with experience of working in a customer focused company/role and also provides a great working knowledge for those with no previous customer service experience.’
  • ‘Straightforward, easy to understand and easy to relate and apply to your job.’
  • ‘Good experience, very interactive, fun!’
  • ‘Excellent, very upbeat and kept everyone
  • ‘Encouraging training session that boosted my enthusiasm to achieve praise for my customer care.’

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