Brilliant Service with a Sale

Brilliant Service with a Sale

Brilliant Service with a Sale Training Course

Customer service training
“Finding short-cuts for improved service and sales.”

How to stop selling and help customers buy

One-day in-company  training to boost both sales and customer service skills, attitudes and results.  Proven content, expert trainers.


This is an interactive and a very practical customer service and sales skills improvement training workshop. Creating or generating new business and increased sales is becoming an increasingly important issue for many organisations’ customer service process.  The experience of a customer before, during and after a purchase is now one of the most important differentiators of our product or service.  However, it takes skill, careful preparation, and the creation of effective ‘models’ and methods, even perhaps using formal approaches and scripts. This programme can help you with this, in a very practical way.

Service with a sale training course – key learning points include

  1. Establish the customer service and sales standards, personal selling skills and sales ‘systems’ that can make sales whilst maintaining a positive service experience. This includes face to face, on-line, by email or on the telephone.
  2. Use a range of proven best practice customer-friendly sales techniques, tools and skills to differentiate your service and help customers feel they are buying, and not just being sold too.
  3. How to differentiate your sales approach based on customer need, spend and personality.
  4. Understand customer expectations and make sure you do not ‘over-sell’. That is promising more than your company or product can deliver. This will give you more confidence to make sales whilst carefully managing expectations, honestly and clearly.
  5. Maintain a positive attitude throughout the day and develop your service and sales skills to a new level of professionalism.
  6. Making every call and customer count with a great service attitude and sales ability.
  7. Techniques to create an industry-leading buying experience for increased sales and customer loyalty.
  8. Best practice call / meeting handling using the 4Cs Model: Connect and Consult, Convince and Commit.
  9. If appropriate, helping your customers to buy, and buy more using options, suggestions and follow-up.
  10. Practice and planning sessions, including best practice sales skills. Plus plenty of very proven and practical sales top-tips and ideas.

Available as an in-company course for up to 12 delegates. Cost per course, not per person. You provide the room, we do everything else.

Business benefits

It is generally accepted that satisfied customers are more loyal, spend more money and more likely to recommend you and business to others. Delivering Brilliant Service with a Sale is also more efficient and can save time, money and energy. Other benefits include improved staff morale and improved customer retention.

Brilliant Service with a sale
Brilliant Service with a sale

Benefits for attendees

More confidence in dealing with all types of sales situation, plus new skills and techniques to help achieve more success and positive customer experiences. A unique feature of the course is that it addresses both the service standards, attitudes and sales skills people use in addition to their technical knowledge. How to make sales whilst carefully managing expectations, honestly and clearly, is a core part of the training course objectives.

Who will benefit

It is suitable for all sales and service staff, including showroom staff, sales representatives, retail staff, telephone sales and account managers. It is also ideal for customer-service focused staff and those staff who might not think of themselves as ‘sales people’ but who nonetheless have a key role in generating additional sales for the company.

Service with a sale training course

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Brilliant Service with a Sale – example course outline


  • Personal objectives and introduction.
  • Push vs Pull and how to stop selling and help people buy.
  • Principles and benefits of Service with a Sale approach.

The SPECIAL approach applied to sales

  • Customer service psychology.
  • The SPECIAL model in a sales situation.
  • How to make every customer feel special.
  • Qualities of sales ‘superstars’.

Managing expectations in selling

  • How to best to manage your customer’s expectation with examples.
  • Turning ‘can’t do’s’ into ‘can do’s’; up-selling and not over-promising.
  • SPECIAL selling skills assessment model.
  • Defining your added value through service and sales brilliance – check-list.

Calmer Chameleon

  • How to best to vary your sales approach to different types of inquiries, prospects and customers.
  • Why some customers are more important and ‘difficult’ than others.
  • Developing a Service with a Sale ‘personality’ so you make sales naturally and with out undue effort.

Connect and Consult

  • Connecting skills gaining rapport and credibility in the first few minutes.
  • Creating a compelling opening best practice, body language, voice and introduction tips and tricks.
  • Using high-impact questions with active listening and summarising.
  • Practical session – Consulting and connecting.

Convince and Commitment

  • Using ‘hot button’ statements to gain customer engagement.
  • Managing expectations expertly and using an option matrix to close sales and increase sale value.
  • Presenting price, overcoming ‘concerns’ and gaining agreement to proceed.
  • Building value – positioning your offer effectively with the right features, benefits, third party stories and examples.
  • Practical session and planning exercise.

Pulling it all together

  • Action plan and learning Diary.


  • Pre-course questionnaire for personalisation of learning and examples
  • Action plan for better follow-up
  • Certificate of attendance

The course includes regular discussion, planning and other practical exercises to develop the skills and methods presented. Presentation and exercises will be tailored to specific situations from participants’ work.
The style is up-beat, informative and motivational.

‘Brilliant course, really interesting and very focused to my job role and day to day work.’

‘Took away some very good ideas that I can use every day… good examples too.’

‘Very confident in the subject, and amusing too. Made the course very interesting. A very clear sales model to use going forward.’

Brilliant Customer Service

The ‘Brilliant’ approach

‘Service with a Sale!’ is a very practical one-day workshop, designed to raise an organisation’s sales and customer service levels by instructing, equipping and inspiring its people to delight its customers at every opportunity. The programme is equally applicable to the public, private and voluntary sectors. It can be adapted to an organisation’s specific needs and the examples used can be very specific to the organisation.

All course participants leave the day with a personal action plan for raising their level of customer service, which we usually (ie, at the organisation’s discretion) help them implement by emailing them ten follow-up coaching newsletters over the following ten weeks (more on this later). This is one training course they are not going to forget!

They will also get 12 months free access to the Service with a Sale Online video library, with lots of videos and articles around the topics from the course.

Tried and tested, all the courses have been developed and refined over the last twenty years by Graham Roberts-Phelps, a leading customer service and sales trainer with an international reputation. He has personally delivered the programme to more than 30,000 people in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The latest version of the course materials was developed by Graham Roberts-Phelps who also created and designed the original training, learning activities and customer service models. He is now building a select team of expert trainers based around the UK.

Unique content and learning format

Each Service with a Sale Training programme focuses on the customer experience in the morning via a series of discussions, activities and exercises. The learning objectives for the morning are to (a) help participants understand what constitutes Service with a Sale and (b) give them a framework (the SPECIAL model) for delivering it. ‘SPECIAL’ is a mnemonic that underpins the entire ‘Service with a Sale proposition.

Any failing in sales conversion or customer service is often linked to a failing in one or other of these seven areas, so this session gives the essential framework for understanding what Service with a Sale is all about. This session can be tailored to link in with a client’s own value statements, sales skills, behaviour framework and service standards.  The afternoon session then concentrates on the communication skills required to deliver Service with a Sale. This session will be made specific to the client’s environment by using tailored examples, case, studies, scenarios and activities.

Available as an in-company course for around 12 delegates. Cost per course, not per person. You provide the room, we do everything else.