How can you do an even better job when serving or dealing with customers?

How can you do an even better job when serving or dealing with customers?


Here is a quick questionnaire that can lead to important and significant improvements in any customer service situation.

“Half of all customer service improvement ideas come from customers, the other half from the people that work with, support or service customers.”

“I could do an better job if I was given…”

Rank the following 12 items in answer to the question above, with the best item scoring 1, the second most useful 2 and so on. Finally, add anything that is missing that would also help you to do a better job.

Now leave it on your bosses desk! If you are the boss, give to your staff and ask them to complete honestly and follow it up to make changes and improvements.

  1. Nice equipment to use
  2. Pre-written answers and explanations
  3. Regular from management about how I am doing
  4. A salary, bonus or rewards that reflects the importance of customer telephone service
  5. More respect for my work from other departments
  6. Clear communication about product, telephone service and price changes
  7. High quality FAQ and help documents I can refer customers too
  8. Clear understanding of what I am supposed to be doing
  9. Being given the time to do a good job
  10. Access to an internal knowledge base of answers and explanations
  11. Access to tools, with permission to use them, that let me fix things for customers
  12. Authority to make decisions without having to ask permission or wait for processing

There are other factors, but this gives you a idea!