Standard extras on all our training

Standard extras on all our training

Standard Extras on all our  customer service training courses

“We really want every training course to be the start, not the end, of improving your customer service skills, attitude and knowledge.”

Our four main training courses have all been developed, updated and revised over the years. Today they are probably as good any range of customer service skills available anywhere in the World. However, it is what we now add to them that makes them different and more effective at delivering enhanced service results.  The following services are all included and are built-in to all our one and two-day training courses.

1.Free 30-day customer satisfaction survey

Every course includes a very practical activity to design a short question customer survey and feedback questionnaire that can be sent to all your customers, users or contact. It can include in emails and place on your website and sent follow every customer service contact for the 30 days following the course. We manage, administer and analyse the results and present them back to you in a short and informative presentation.

free customer feedback surveys
free customer feedback surveys

2.Pre-course consultation

A simple but highly effective questionnaire sent to managers, stakeholders and participants. This helps the trainer o personalise objectives, learning content, practice sessions and learning activities.

3.Post-course action plan follow

At the end of every course, participants complete a summary of the best ideas, learning points and actions. This can be reviewed by a manager or mentor once they are back at their desk.

4.Course learning transfer worksheets

These are a series of activities that are completed during the training. The goal is to gain valuable ideas and insights from participants regarding potential improvements and enhancements to your customer service standards, systems and skills. Topics include personal empowerment, customer charter, process improvement brainstorm and the customer feedback form mentioned above.

5.Follow-up newsletter, eBook and on-line videos

The learning does not end when the course does. Every week we will send a short, informative or inspiring email to reinforce key points or add some ideas.

6.Course workbook

7.Optional at-the-desk skills coaching or follow-up workshop: Telephone, email, face-to-face or all three.

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