The Customer Is Always Right

The Customer Is Always Right


One question I get asked a lot.. is the customer always right? ‘What do you think? Is the customer always right?’

Absolutely! The customer is always right, even when they’re wrong they’re still right.

For example, customers might get their facts wrong, they may be confused or unsure about certain things, but the customer’s opinion is always right and valid.

So if the customer has a good or bad opinion of your service, knowledge or ability, they are in fact correct.

For example, I had a situation recently where I ordered the wrong particular drink. It didn’t taste like my normal drink, and the customer service person said ‘I can change it for you, no problem.’

They didn’t argue with me and say ‘But that’s what you got’. You have to treat customers as if they are right every single time, even if personally you think otherwise.

If you don’t, you could lose their loyalty and other customers from your business.