At-the-desk skills coaching

At-the-desk skills coaching

At-the-desk skills customer service coaching – real-time training

This is an ideal follow-up to any training or as an alternative that does not take people away from the desk.

Customer service coaching – how it works

Customer service staff are coached whilst working on live customer calls, situations or problems. Each person or pair receives around one-hour of observation, personal coaching and review.  This is divided between structured observation and listening and the giving of objective feedback and coaching for improvements.

at the desk coaching skills
At the desk coaching skills

Benefits of  customer service coaching

  • High personalised and precise learning experience.
  • Increased confidence and technical customer service skills.
  • Identify opportunities for further progression and development.
  • Provides information for job appraisal and training needs analysis
  • No time away from the customer service duties.
  • Suitable for all levels of staff.
  • Can incorporate your own assessment tools and service metrics.
  • Four to six staff coached per day.
  • Report and summary of all coaching for management.

Customer service skills coaching tools used include

  1. BCS eight point star service experience chart

  2. The 4 C’s communication skills assessment checklist

  3. The GROW model for coaching behavioural improvements

  4. Check-list of best practice behaviours

  5. Score against service metrics

  6. Appraisal and assessments systems that you use already

All observed calls are documented and left with the customer service operator.

 Each coaching session includes:

  • Objective and impartial listening and observation
  • Structured assessment
  • One to one feedback and coaching

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At the desk skills coaching