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Service with a Sale Training

Service with a sale!

“How to stop selling and help customer’s to buy.”


This is an intensive service and sales improvement training workshop. It is suitable for indirect sales or customer-service focused staff, ie, those staff who might not think of themselves as ‘sales people’ but who nonetheless have a key role in generating additional sales for the company. The course covers:

1    Introduction, the SPECIAL model for Brilliant Customer Service, the 4Cs Model

2    Connect and Consult

3    Convince and Commit

4    Practice and planning sessions

5    End of course summary, and action plans

Creating or generating new business and increased sales is becoming an increasingly important issue for many organisations. However, it takes skill, careful preparation, and the creation of effective ‘models’ and methods, even perhaps using formal approaches and scripts. This programme can help you with this, in a very practical way. Training role-plays will be run at regular intervals during the course (although case studies and examples can be used if you prefer).

It is suggested that some metrics are used for evaluation purposes, with specific products or services identified as ‘up and cross’ selling opportunities. These metrics could include average order value, lines per order or percentage of orders with an extra sale created.

Training objectives

This very popular course has three primary objectives, to help:

1    Improve sales skills, efficiency and effectiveness.

2    Improve sales productivity to achieve increased average sales/order value.

3    Improve customers’ service experience and satisfaction.


All customer service staff and managers or team leaders who support or work with customers.


The training is very practical and objective. Very clear and specific skills, models and techniques are covered. The focus is on improving things that are already working, not going over old ground. Participants will discuss and plan new approaches using real-life examples taken from their own situations.

Each module features:

  • High quality training presentation
  • Group exercises and team activities
  • A high degree of participation and interaction

The course is fast, fun and totally absorbing – you are never more than twenty minutes away from the next activity.

Special features

A unique feature of this course is that it addresses both the standards and the skills people use over and above their technical knowledge. The course features the SPECIAL model:

S – Speed and Time

P – Personal and personalised

E – Expectations – manage and exceed

C – Competence and courtesy

I – Information

A – Attitude

L – Long-term relationship and follow-through

The course also features the unique 4Cs model, which is based on three fundamental principles:

  • People buy on emotion and justify with logic
  • So stop selling and help people buy
  • Progress to the next stage only when the previous step has been fully completed

Each of the points from both models is related explicitly to the jobs people do and their interaction with customers on the telephone or via email. The course can easily be tailored to the specific needs of your people and your particular organisation (eg, emphasis on telephone skills or face-to-face communication).

Service with a sale training course
Service with a sale training course

The expert trainers

All our trainers are training professionals with a great deal of experience and expertise in all aspects of customer service and sales. This contributes to make this course so effective. Proven content, brought to life.

‘Brilliant course, really interesting and very focused to my job role and day to day work.’

‘Took away some very good ideas that I can use every day… good examples too.’

‘Very confident in the subject, and amusing too. Made the course very interesting. A very clear sales model to use going forward.’

‘Full of useful hints and tips which I will apply to my job.’

‘Extremely well presented and structured’

‘A very intensive course and a lot of concrete tools provided.’

‘Useful data, tools and insights; engaging and interesting as always.’

‘Very good… contained everything we do on a regular basis and problems we have come across… the exercises made it very interesting too.’

Service with a sale course outline

Just provide a room and 12 willing(-ish!) participants and we will do the rest.

1   Introduction, SPECIAL model, 4Cs Model

  • Course overview and personal objectives
  • Group exercise to review personal objectives (from pre-course task)
  • Brilliant Customer Service – how to make every customer feel SPECIAL!
  • The 4Cs Model – an effective sales model
  • Up-selling and cross-selling – definition and examples

2   Connect and Consult

  • Gaining credibility in the first few minutes
  • Call prompt sheet exercise – Connect
  • Creating a compelling opening
  • Your personal projection – body language, voice and introduction tips and tricks
  • Using high-impact questions to build interest and opportunities for cross or up selling
  • Active listening and summarising
  • Call prompt sheet exercise – Consult and identifying suitable opportunities for up-selling

3   Convince and Commitment

  • The convince elements – keys to help customers make good buying choices the first 30 seconds
  • Call prompt sheet exercise – Convince
  • Using ‘hot button’ statements to gain customer engagement
  • The commit elements – presenting price, overcoming concerns and gaining agreement to proceed
  • Building value – positioning your offer effectively with the right features, benefits, third party stories and examples
  • Uncovering customer questions, concerns and objections
  • Call prompt sheet exercise – Commit

4   Practice and planning sessions

  • A series of structured role-plays to apply, test and refine call prompt sheets created earlier in the day
  • The SPECIAL model revisited – are we selling with a high level of customer experience?
  • Identify the best prospects for additional sales
  • Prompt sheets and ‘sales playbooks’

5   End of course summary and action plans

  • Learning activity: Learning Diary

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