Customer service training

Some comments from customers and training participants

‘A chance to discuss with other colleagues across College about customer issues/experience. Trainer was very friendly and professional!!’ (Carmel College)

‘Balance of presentation/group exercises, etc, was very good and kept you alert and interested throughout the day.’ (De Lage Landen)

‘Constant support and encouragement; praise which instilled confidence; very professional and fun.’ (Ambius)

‘Covered a lot of areas but managed to remain interesting throughout.’ (Network Resource)

‘Easy-going atmosphere; useful information; thought-provoking.’ (Carmel College)

‘Enjoyable, interactive day with other colleagues. Not too serious but gave a lot of food for thought and ideas to put into practice.’ (Carmel College)

‘Enjoyed having advice about how to deal with difficult situations.’ (Strutt & Parker)
‘Enjoyed the workshop – got a lot out of it. Thank you.’ (Carmel College)

‘Everyone achieved something regardless of their skill set when they arrived.’ (Ambius)

‘Found the course very interesting and informative. Wasn’t sure what to expect before the course but found I’ve learnt some new personal skills.’ (Ultra Electronics)

‘Free flowing, with opportunity to ask questions.’ (Elstree Golf Club)
‘Friendly and informative. Very good.’ (Ping)
‘Friendly instructor; easy; fun.’ (Wincanton Distribution)

‘Fun and informative. Lots of ideas given.’ (ASOS)

‘Fun and interesting.’ (ASOS)
‘Fun, interesting and valuable.’ (ASOS)

‘Gained everybody’s participation and input.’ (Carmel College)

‘Good examples of how to deal with customers and to word things differently as a good way to keep them happy!’ (Ping)

‘Good interaction – involved everyone in all parts.’ (Network Resource)

‘Good interaction to make it interesting. Trainer made it an enjoyable day. Thank you!’ (De Lage Landen)

‘Good refresher – opportunity to reflect.’ (New College Telford)

‘Graham held our attention. He kept it lively and fast-paced – no chance of the “nodding dog” syndrome!
Content was relevant to our business, and not over-complicated. Interesting to listen to.’ (Strutt & Parker)

‘Graham was fantastic.’ (GoNative!)

‘Great fun, easy to understand, with some good ideas of how to improve work.’ (ASOS)

‘Great presentation style; good mix of presentation and activities.’ (Carmel College)

‘Helped me gain confidence to deal with customers.’ (Wincanton Distribution)

‘How to handle difficult customers was useful.’ (British Film Institute)

‘I felt a lot more confident about dealing with situations outside my normal remit – I’d like to try my role-playing phone call again!’ (Network Resource)

‘I found Graham to be very knowledgeable about a lot of issues. I felt I have learnt a lot today. Thanks.’ (Wincanton Distribution)

‘I found the trainer accessible and enjoyable. A well-structured day.’ (ASOS)

‘I have learnt a lot from these two days. Full of content.’ (Ambius)

‘I liked the interaction between Graham and ourselves; throughout the course there was plenty of opportunity to participate.’ (De Lage Landen)

‘I liked the way the trainer gave an example for every situation.’ (GoNative!)
‘I liked the way things were explained and made easy to understand.’ (Southampton University)

‘I particularly liked the presentational style.’ (Strutt & Parker)

‘I thought Graham delivered the course fantastically – fun, varied and he knew about our business.’ (My Family Care)

‘I thought the pace of the course was good and Graham kept a good level of interest with the group.’ (GoNative!)

‘I thought the presentation skills of Graham Roberts-Phelps were excellent. He held the attention of the group very well and delivered his message with sincerity and humour.’ (Strutt & Parker)

‘In general, I feel this type of training would benefit all staff of the College, as we all could be classed as “the customer” and it would promote a more cohesive approach across College.’ (Carmel College)

‘Informal atmosphere. Variety of issues.’ (Carmel College)
‘Informative; well presented.’ (Carmel College)

‘It made me feel comfortable and able to do my job better, and gave me the tools to do it.’ (Ambius)

‘It was interesting and FUN!’ (Southampton University)
‘Jo made the whole training very friendly and interesting.’ (Southampton University)

‘Jo was an interesting and captivating trainer. Time flew, content was good. Best course I’ve had in ages.’ (Ultra Electronics)

‘Kept all interested despite varying levels of previous training.’ (Ambius)

‘Learning how to alter a situation to work in your favour by using great customer service techniques.’ (Network Resource)

‘Linked very well to my role! Could relate examples to everyday tasks.’ (North Hertfordshire Homes)

‘Lots of time to participate. It was fun.’ (De Lage Landen)
‘Made us think about how we work.’ (ASOS)

‘Much more fun than I had anticipated.’ (Ambius)
‘No videos! Plenty of interactive exercises.’ (Ultra Electronics)

‘Pace – didn’t dwindle throughout day.’ (Wincanton Distribution)

Participation was never pressurised.’ (Ambius)

‘Really enjoyed the course – it gave me a chance to reflect on how I do my job and be more aware of students’ behaviour and how I react.
Very good.’ (New College Telford)

‘Really happy with the feedback.’ (Network Resource)

‘Really liked Graham’s style and personality. It made it an enjoyable training course.’ (Wincanton Distribution)

‘Relaxed and informative atmosphere.’ (Wincanton Distribution)

‘Relaxed atmosphere. Examples specific to current work.’ (Stoke SFC)

‘Role play really showed how you can control a conversation.’ (Wincanton Distribution)

‘Role play was interesting and helpful.’ (Saudi Aramco)

‘Small groups. Short exercises. Delivery of trainer. Right pace.’ (Carmel College)
‘The “fun” factor made it very easy to follow.’ (North Hertfordshire Homes)
‘The course was beneficial and what I particularly liked was the real examples and the nice manner. I enjoyed the class, the instructor was great.’ (SaudiAramco)
‘The course was very easy to relate to and very helpful.’ (Ping)

‘The relaxed atmosphere and the way the trainer coached rather than corrected in front of group.’ (Ambius)

‘The trainer was very enthusiastic and it was helpful working in groups to find out about others’ customer experiences.’ (Strutt & Parker)

‘The way it was presented, which was backed up with good examples, made you think.’ (De Lage Landen)
‘Used humour to impart knowledge.’ (Network Resource)

‘Very easy to follow and well presented. Not boring!’ (ASOS)

‘Very impressive presentations and examples. Good course folders.’
(Saudi Aramco)

‘Very informative and will be useful in many aspects of “Reception” work.’ (New College Telford)

‘Very informative, enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere.’ (Network Resource)

‘Very informative, interesting and easy to understand.’ (Ultra Electronics)

‘Very interesting and relevant.’ (Carmel College)

‘Very interesting course given at the right pace for everyone.’ (Ultra Electronics)

‘Very interesting. Kept me awake throughout! Very real and all examples related to my everyday life.’ (My Family Care)

‘Very well controlled and handled.’ (Ambius)
‘Very worthwhile and good ideas for dealing with difficult situations.’
(Wincanton Distribution)

‘Very, very informative with excellent ideas to take back into my job and enable me to become more effective.’ (Wincanton Distribution)

‘Gave me more confidence. As a nervous person that was very important.’ (Ambius)

‘Well matched to everyone’s level, a good starter for further more specific customer service training/consultations. Activities in groups got everyone thinking.’ (Wasabi)

‘Well structured and presented. Good documented material to take away.’ (Network Resource)

‘Well-presented course – excellent.’ (Ultra Electronics)

‘Will help me to provide a better level of customer service and solve the challenges of difficult situations.’ (North Hertfordshire Homes)

‘10 / 10 for professional / uplifting.’ (Network Resource)

‘Learned new things and there were some good ideas.’ (Ambius)