“The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer, everything else is detail.”

We help companies of all types, sizes and sectors to improve their customer service standards, systems and skills.We refer to this as the three S’s of

Customer service is our passion, with over 25 years of experience working with a huge variety of organisations.

Whatever the goals for your business, team or individuals, delivering outstanding customer experience is the key along with improved productivity, cash generation, staff morale and sustainable growth. We do this by providing specialised customer focused consulting, training and skills coaching.


The starting point for improving your customer’s service experience is to work out where you are now, where you would like to be and how to get there. We do this all quickly, easily and at a sensible cost. You will be able to review the results in days not weeks. The free TNA will make the training and skills coaching easy to personalise and much more effective when delivered.

Training Needs Analysis

A free TNA for all service
and support team
members. This is done
online, easily and
quickly. We conduct a few
random follow-up surveys
of customer or support
calls to get some instant
impressions and feed back.

Listen-in, observe, review and report back

We can spend a few hours
with your customer service
teams and then give some
impartial, confidential and
expert feedback.



If you really wanted to know how you compare

We can carry out a
small -scale mystery
shopper or real-life
support test. We can also
benchmark you against
others as you wish.


When it comes to improving your service and support, there is rarely one quick fix or instant solution.
If there were, you would be doing it.
However, we have developed a unique approach, a model if you like, that has been field-tested in hundreds of different organizations, teams, and customer situations. From hospitals to hotels, software to financial services, and everything in-between.
We call it the SPECIAL model. It is a powerful mix of attitude, skills, and process. When done well, it is the key to a great customer experience When elements are missed, it is the root cause of all customer dissatisfaction and complaints.

The Seven Secret of Brillant Customer Service Training

Speed and Time


Expectation Management

Competence and Courtesy

Information and Informed


Long Term Follow Up

Training Workshops

Brilliant Customer Service

The course is interactive and participative, using the latest learning techniques to help capture everyone’s unique learning style.
With up-to-date examples of customer service excellence and best practice. Everyone will leave the course with more customer service skills and a renewed attitude.
Plus, new and better ways to respond to customer questions and problems. Better impact Including artful ways to respond to complaints when they occur.

Service with a Sale

The customer friendly way of making more sales.The four C’s model: Connecting, Consulting, Convincing, Confirming Techniques for increasing lead conversion and order value.Improving your rapport, questioning, presentation and closing skills.

Working Smarter

How to mananage priorities and meet deadlines with less effort and stress.
Structuring your day, resisting distraction and staying focused.
Goal setting, delegation and work-life balance.
Working smarter is a highly practical approach to time management that helps participants gain new ways to solve old problems.

At-the-desk skills coaching

The real alternative to training with no time away from the job!

With no time away from their work, we can improve staff’s skills and attitudes with skills-focused 1-2-1 one-hour coaching sessions. One of your expert consulting partners will spend the day going desk to desk coaching individuals, live as the work. Example topics include:
⦁   Email writing and responding
⦁   Complaint handling techniques
⦁   Account management skills
⦁   Persuasion, influence and negotiation skills
⦁   Reception and enquiry management
⦁   Presentation and communication skills

“You cannot improve one thing by 1000% but you can improve 1000 little things by 1%.”

Bespoke Training Services

Tailor-made to meet your business objectives and learning requirements, without the expense or complication of traditional bespoke training.

Because we specialise in customer service improvement, we can develop bespoke and made-to-measure customer service training quickly, easily and at a fraction of the cost. With a full choice of duration and style, each course will be fully branded and with real-life examples and personalised learning content. Here are just a few ideas and examples:

⦁   CRM and system training
⦁   Exhibition and event skills
⦁   Product knowledge
⦁   Technical training and support
⦁   Customer FAQ’s
⦁   Sales questioning techniques
We can provide a full turnkey solution. Working from core learning objectives, we offer full training course design, development, material production, and train-the-trainer workshops. This can include pre and post-course activities with eLearning and mobile learning modules.

Online and mobile eLearning

We have a growing library of customer service eLearning modules.

All our training, including bespoke course development, includes modules accessed online or as part of our own Mobile Learning App.
Each of our training courses or at-the-desk skills coaching session includes some elements of pre and post online or mobile-based activities. These include quizzes, self-assessments, questionnaires, podcasts, text summaries, videos and learning tasks.
⦁   PC or App-based learning
⦁   Online podcasts and videos
⦁   User tracking reports
⦁   Low-cost per person
⦁   Fully branded option
⦁   Easy to customise
As well as reducing time away from their job roles, eLearning and mobile-based learning can also help to reinforce learning in small bursts, often just before it is used.
We can create or transfer any training course as a stand-alone eLearning program, quickly, easily and at a common-sense price.

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